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  •     Tree Law Cases in the USA (originally published in 2000; Second Edition published in 2007)

  •     The Guide for Plant Appraisal, 9th edition, 2000 (co-author)

  •     Mid-Atlantic Tree Species Rating Guide (co-author)




  •    "Is it Required to Inspect Trees for Risk" TCIA Magazine July 2020

  •    "Is it about the Tree or the Money" Arboricultural Consultant May 2019

  •    "Weather Related Tree Law Cases" TCIA Magazine March 2019

  •    "Is it Required to Insect Trees for Risk" TCIA Magazine July 2020

  •    “We Can Make Trees Safer” TCIA March 2016

  •    “Placing a Value on a Neighbor’s Tree” TCIA May 2015

  •    “Abiotic Tree Problems Addressed Early On” TCI Nov. 2014

  •    Regular contributor to the online magazine, Trees and More

  •    “If a Tree falls on a Bus, Was it Hazardous?” TCI July 2014

  •    “Love Thy Neighbor, Just Not His Shrub” Arboricultural Consultant 1st. 2013

  •    “The Plant Appraisal Puzzle Becomes Even More Puzzling” TCIA Nov. 2012

  •    “Boundary and Border Line Tree Disputes” Tree Care Industry, May 2012

  •    “CSI in Arborland” Tree Care Industry, Aug. 2011

  •    “How Much is This Tree Worth?” Tree Care Industry Sept. 2009

  •    “Differing Cost Methods of Plant Appraisal” Tree Care Industry March 2008

  •    “An Interesting Case” Arboricultural Consultant, Winter 2007

  •    “Consulting for Free or for a Fee?” MAC-ISA Log, Spring 2006

  •    “Why Appraisals Matter” PLANET News, July 2006

  •    “Consulting Arborists & Tree Law Cases” Arborist News, February 2006

  •    “When is it Time to Say Goodbye to a Tree?” Tree Care Industry, March 2004

  •    “The Carroll Case” Arboricultural Consultant, Summer 2003

  •    “Conducting a Professional Appraisal” Arborist News, Dec.2002

  •    “How Much is This Tree Worth/Why do we Need to Know?” T.C.I., June 2002

  •    “Arboriculture and Consulting” Tree Care Industry (T.C.I.), Aug. 2001

  •    “What is a Consulting Arborist?” Tree Care Industry, March 2000

  •    “Arboriculture and the Law” Tree Care Industry, Nov. 1999

  •    “The Plant Appraisal Picture” Arbor Age, Sept. 1998

  •    “In Case of Disaster” Arboricultural Consultant, Summer 1998

  •    “When looking Down is in Order” Penn-Del Arborist, Summer 1998

  •    “Plant Appraisal Cases” Arborist News, June 1998

  •    “Plant Appraisal Cases” Tree Care Industry, March 1998

  •    “The Team Approach to Landscape Appraisals” Tree Care Industry, Sept. 1996

  •    “The Tree and Landscape Appraisal Puzzle” The Release, April 1995


Commentary and letters to the editor


  •     National Arborist Association Reporter

  •     Tree Care Industry

  •     Grounds Maintenance

  •     Kiplingers Personal Finance Magazine

  •     Arborist News

  •     Potomac Gazette

  •     Arbor Age

  •     American Forests

  •     Lawn and Landscape

  •     Washington Post

  •     Urban Forests

  •     Arboricultural Consultant

  •     Washington Citizen

  •     The Hill Rag


Quoted in


  •     Potomac Almanac

  •     Potomac Gazette

  •     Washington Post

  •     Lawn and Landscape

  •     Potomac News

  •     Family Money (Better Homes and Gardens)


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