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Expert testimony and advice on trees & landscaping

My consulting practice has always been built on the premise that trees and landscaping are valuable assets – if properly maintained. But sick or weak trees can represent a significant liability.

Unfortunately, all too many people call in a consultant only when a major issue surfaces. Yet, a proactive approach to tree care and landscaping can prevent problems and save money.

A key resource

As a consulting arborist and landscape architect, I can offer expert advice on caring for trees, plus provide additional services such as appraisals, evaluations, inventories, and expert testimony.

In fact, as an expert witness in many arbor-related cases, I’ve had an ongoing interest in the legal aspects of arboriculture — which is why I published my book, Tree Law Cases in the USA, now in its Second Edition.

If you’re interested in my consulting services or my book, please feel free to call 301.983.2781 or email


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